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Consumer Law

The practice of consumer law is when an attorney represents a person who is seeking or purchased goods or services from a business for personal use but was harmed and the consumer needs to seek recourse. This harm can result from some kind of misrepresentation about what the goods and services were or were supposed to do, what they were made from, any warranty violations, and many other things. There are laws from Texas and the federal government to protect consumers. If you think you’ve suffered or been harmed by a business or professional, call Mansfield & Mansfield to schedule a consultation appointment and see if legal representation would be appropriate.

Credit Card Defense

If a debt company or credit card company is pursuing you to pay, Mansfield & Mansfield may be able to negotiate with the debt company, fight the charges if there’s a reason, stop them from harassing you in illegal ways, or represent you in an arbitration proceeding in a dispute. Sometimes, unauthorized charges or fraudulent purchases might make a bill higher than it should be and the company will try to make a person pay it, but Mansfield & Mansfield might be able to prevent them from collecting depending on the facts of your case, the card policy, and other laws regulating this kind of business. Call the office and schedule a consultation to see if Mansfield & Mansfield could possibly help you.